Welcome to Flying Cat Music


First, please note that you navigate this site by clicking on/off the black square with three dashes found at the left or top of your screen (depending on your device). That opens/closes the site menu. Scroll down using the bar that will then open to see all of the available site features. Preview information about our next concert is usually available (once we are ready to announce details of our 2018 season) HERE

Flying Cat Music has been privileged to host some amazing artists during our ongoing railway station concert series, which will soon enter its tenth year. We have an exciting array of musicians coming to the old Phoenicia Train Station to perform for you this year as well.  We hope to see you at one or more of our 2018 shows. Unfortunately due to renovations taking place at the Empire State Railway Museum, our concert venue, the start of our 2018 concert years has been delayed until June. For related reasons our concert lineup this year will not be finalized before March.

Our 2018 concert schedule will be found HERE   Depending on when you are visiting this page it may or may not yet contain current information. If it doesn’t now it will soon. Note that we prepare special previews for each of our shows as they draw close so check back regularly for those updates as well. To request to be added to our email list to receive alerts and press releases for our approaching concerts please contact us at flyingcatmusic@gmail.com  (we do not share our email list with anyone else.)

Even if you can’t attend a concert in person we urge you to use this site to research some great musicians who you may not already be familiar with; some who will be performing for us soon and others who have done so in the past. The tools for doing so appear by clicking on the menu box. Sample videos, press releases about our performers, and live links to their home web sites, all are available to you here.

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