The Boxcar Lilies Friday October 12 Concert Has Been Cancelled

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We are sorry to inform you that, due to a family emergency facing a member of the Boxcar Lilies, they will be unable to perform their scheduled concert at the Empire State Railway Museum this Friday night. They deeply regret having to cancel this show which they were very much looking forward to. While we, of course, are disappointed that this Boxcar Lilies show will not happen, we fully support them in their decision. They themselves are all personally well, and the Boxcar Lilies will resume their touring as soon as immediate circumstances allow them to.

Unfortunately, due to this sudden and late cancellation, Flying Cat Music is unable to arrange and adequately produce a suitable alternate presentation for this Friday, so our next scheduled concert at the Railway Museum will now take place on November 4 with Ernest Troost. Expect to hear more from us about Ernest before that date.

We apologize once more for any inconvenience that this cancellation may cause you. Thank you again for being patrons of our music series.

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