Press Release for The Trapps in Concert 10/8/2016


On Saturday, October 8, The Trapps perform in Phoenicia for Flying Cat Music at the Empire State Railway Museum at 70 Lower High Street. The doors open at 7:00 p.m. and music begins at 7:30. Tickets are $15 or $13 with reservations. For information or reservations email or call 845-688-9453.
The Trapps, one of the Northeast’s premier roots rock bands, captivates audiences with original material that combines thought provoking lyrical content with tempered musical fire. Jason Fine, Managing Editor of Rolling Stone Magazine, described The Trapps music as “Elegant yet raw, darkly emotional but also shot through with light.”

Blending acoustic and electric instruments, The Trapps create a sound that can smolder or flare up suddenly with volcanic intensity. Their dynamic range is showcased within the finely honed structure of signature songs that balance musical precision with unbridled spontaneity. That kind of interplay, which characterizes The Trapps onstage, is an outgrowth of superb musicianship leavened by their longevity as a band.

Now in their second decade playing together, The Trapps were formed in the winter of 2003 by singer-songwriter (and acoustic rhythm guitarist) Sean Schenker and some of his closest musical friends, and the band quickly garnered critical acclaim. In 2006, The Trapps released their debut CD, and “Alright Now,” a cut from it, won first prize for best song in the AAA/Alternative category in the 2006 International Acoustic Music Awards.

The early nucleus of The Trapps holds strong, but the group has grown over the last ten years to incorporate fresh sounds and additional talent. In recent years, the full Trapps effect has been enhanced at times by the addition of violin, lap steel, and female vocals.

Expanding a band runs counter to the dictates of commercial economics for an Indie band in an era marked firmly by austerity. Breaking free from those constraints has been liberating for The Trapps. Several band members play in other groups as well, and on any given night the band line up can vary. They come together as The Trapps to celebrate a sound they have perfected together; one that is nuanced, with arrangements that open onto vistas of improvisation, following trails that always bring you home.

The desire to have real homes, families, and lives lived off the road anchored these talented musicians here in our Hudson Valley. Sean can tell some good stories about prior years spent on the highway, and, in fact, he does so inside some of his songs. With roots firmly planted though, it is difficult for The Trapps to tour far intact. Fortunately, the group remains a regional gem for fans living close enough to make one of their concerts.

Still, as Gary Chetkoff, President of WDST Radio Woodstock, so aptly put it, “It’s time for the whole country to finally hear The Trapps.” That goal became more feasible with the 2013 release of their superb representative recording, Live at the Howland, but there really is no substitute for seeing The Trapps in person, and there is no finer room in which to hear them than the Empire State Railway Museum.

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