Press Release for Danika and The Jeb 7/29/17


Saturday, July 29, the sensual duo, Danika and The Jeb, bring their bluesy pop sound to the Empire State Railway Museum (ESRM), with a performance for Flying Cat Music. The ESRM is located at 70 Lower High Street in Phoenicia. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and music begins at 7:30. Admission is $18 or $15 with reservations. For information or reservations, email or call 845-688-9453.

Summer simmers, and so does Danika and The Jeb, a musical duo that comes here by way of Nashville. With Danika Holmes on piano, rhythm guitar, and sweet sultry vocals and Jeb Hart playing intense, alternately percussive and mercurial guitar leads, they’ve created their own unique blend of bluesy acoustic pop that’s both substantive and soulful. And audiences love it. Last year Danika and The Jeb were picked from over 300 performers/groups as Artists of the Year by the Concerts in Your Home network.

Their music has been played on over 150 radio stations as they’ve toured both this country and Europe, reaching some parts of the latter where American acts seldom venture (Prague’s Hard Rock Cafe has already booked them twice). Though most of their material is original, the Sirius XM’s coffeehouse station chose Danika and The Jeb’s distinctive acoustic version of the Beatles’ “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” for extensive U.S. air play, winning them fervent new fans from coast to coast in the process.

Danika Holmes and Jeb Hart have been performing together since 2010. Danika comes from a musical family where she began playing piano at age five and writing her first songs by age twelve. Jeb got hooked on music when he was nine, nurturing a passion not just for playing guitar but for teaching it as well. Hart estimates that he sat in with a hundred groups prior to teaming up with Holmes, playing everything from blues and rock to metal and country, but he long resisted a commitment to prolonged touring. Hart says it took him, “a long time to find a band that was worth pulling away from teaching for.”

Though he now travels too often to personally tutor students, Jeb still offers a thorough and highly regarded step-by-step online video-based program; “Six Month Guitar,” that students can partake of. For her part, Danika enjoys seeing Jeb cut loose on the road regularly now during their live performances, saying, “It is so fun for me to hear what he’ll play each night because it’s never the same. I love watching the audience light up during his solos”.

Danika lights up the crowd herself every time she steps to the mike. As GoGirls Music notes, “Danika Holmes puts her heart and soul into every performance.” Veteran Nashville songwriter Trey Bruce, an Emmy award winner with writing credits for three number one Billboard country singles, quickly became one of Danika’s boosters, observing: “In Nashville, you have to stand in a long line as a new artist and do something fresh. I’ve seen Danika and Jeb play a few times around town and I’m always struck by her voice and her uniqueness in phrasing and especially tone. She’s a captivating singer in a truly soulful duo.”

There is a spark and vitality to Danika and The Jeb that demands they be experienced live to fully appreciate them, their radio success notwithstanding. Each moment of every song is fraught with enticing possibilities, never to be captured in quite the same way again. Danika and The Jeb consistently prove why there is no substitute for being there in person when good music fills the house.

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