Press Release for Beaucoup Blue 4/30/16



Flying Cat Music is proud to present the award-winning duo Beaucoup Blue in concert. They will be performing at the Empire State Railway Museum on Saturday, April 30, at 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 7:00. Tickets are $15 or $13 with reservations. For information or reservations email or call 845-688-9453. The museum is located at 70 Lower High Street in Phoenicia, New York.

David and Adrian Mowry, whose combined considerable talents make up Beaucoup Blue, are not just another roots Americana acoustic blues Father/Son touring band. Actually, they’re the only one we know. But even if every third father and his son hit the road tomorrow with guitars in hand, playing bars and halls for decades, it’s doubtful many could approach the artfully crafted and soulful sound these two men consistently deliver. It’s a sound that the City Paper of Rochester calls simply “Riveting and haunting.”

Whether playing original compositions that one could swear were timeless classics, or fresh arrangements of classic songs that make them seem new and vibrant, Beaucoup Blue invariably impresses. No less an authority than Billboard Magazine honored Beaucoup Blue as the Grand Prize Winner of their 17th Annual Billboard Magazine World Song-Writing Contest in the R&B/Blues Category. In a review of Beaucoup Blue’s Free To Fall CD, Richard Cuccaro of Acoustic Live – NYC noted, “With the third album of what promises to be a very long career, Beaucoup Blue has already built a body of work that is seething with passion and intelligence.”

But neither the awards they have won for songwriting, nor the praise their recorded work has garnered does justice to the power of a live Beaucoup Blue performance. Sarah Craig of Caffe Lena, America’s oldest continuously running coffeehouse/listening room, observed, “. . . this powerful yet gentle father-and-son duo gets their audience lost in reverie with arrestingly soulful blues-based music,” while The Philadelphia Weekly raves about Beaucoup Blue’s “spine-tingling vocals and guitars.”

Chalk some of that up to family chemistry; distilled over years like the finest of Scotches. David and Adrian have played together for many years, and there is no substitute for genetics to help voices find the perfect blend. With Beaucoup Blue that’s an aural weave of silk and linen, purring over scintillating slide guitar licks with just enough rasp to heighten all your senses. But it is the mastery of simmering dynamics that makes Beaucoup Blue so spell binding, as they heighten tension in a room with textured quiet grooves that flare up suddenly into acoustic fire. Their musical interplay of power and restraint lends itself to a full spectrum of roots Americana; blues first and foremost but folk and country also. It is music that stays intensely personal, anchored at all times in the lyrical content of the songs that they perform.

David and Adrian Mowry are by now no strangers to Phoenicia, having performed here several times. The reason for that is simple, our audiences keep demanding more: Beaucoup Blue remains high on the list of Flying Cat Music’s most requested acts. Beaucoup Blue last performed at the Empire State Railway Museum three years ago, and we are pleased to finally say that the long wait for another encore is virtually over.